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The experts of Yeghvard Aarhus Center have decided to subject to public monitoring the activities of the factories and workshops operating in the region


Yeghvard_05_05_2On April 29, was held the first session of Yeghvard Aarhus Center’s Board of experts in 2015. The agenda was included the summary of the activities implemented in 2014, presentation, discussion and approval of the work plan for the current year.
The opening speech was delivered by K. Harutyunyan, Deputy Mayor of Yeghvard community and chairman of the board of experts.

With regard to the environmental problems of the community the latter proposed to develop such a mechanism through which would be possible to calculate the percentages of solution of the environmental issues, to what extent is possible to solve this or that problem in order to make the activities more effective in future.

The Center Coordinator presented the activities carried out in 2014, as well as the draft of the action plan in 2015, which was approved after including the board members recommendations.

During the meeting were discussed a number of other issues, which at the suggestion of the Board of Experts will be included in the action plan of 2015. Among the mentioned discussed issues the priority was the issue of increasing the number of stray dogs, many cases of attacks on residents, about which all participants expressed their concern.
The Board Chairman presented activities implemented by the Municipality in this direction, noting that various measures have been developed to solve this problem, but still has not found a real solution. The latter proposed to initiate meetings and discussions with relevant agencies and stakeholders, to develop appropriate measures to address the problem for consideration.

Yeghvard_05_05_1K. Harutyunyan also spoke about a large landfill planned to build in the city of Hrazdan of Kotayk province, which is to include several cities of Kotayk province. He suggested referring to that issue as well, which will enable to solve problems related to the waste disposal.

P. Stepanyan, Board member, doctor of Nairi medical center proposed to Board members to organize a tour to factories and workshops operating in the region in order to get acquainted with the application and maintenance of environmental norms on the spot. The latter also proposed to organize anti-smoking campaigns.

The Board members expressed their willingness to continue collaborating with the Center to address the environmental issues of the community.

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Ruzanna Manyan
Coordinator of Yeghvard Aarhus Center
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Tranlated by Ruzanna Manyan