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Training course in Aparan dedicated to the feathered representatives of the wildlife

It’s already five years that Aparan Aarhus Center is in collaboration with the “Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds” NGO. On April 29, the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds (ASPB) jointly with Aparan Aarhus Centre organized a regular meeting with the city’s high school students and teaching staff members. During the visit were presented the “Spring Alive” and “Bird of the Year” educational programs.
The “Spring Alive” project aims to raise awareness among children on the importance of biodiversity and birds, to clarify the role and importance of the birds as an important component of the natural environment, encourage children’s interest in nature and

conservation of migratory birds and other animal species.

The training participants acquired information about the five bird species of spring: Barn Swallow, Common Swift, White Stork, Common Cuckoo and European Bee-eater.

The goal was to revive interest among schoolchildren, adults and the assessors of the nature, to sow care towards the feathered of the wildlife.

The “Bird of the Year” educational program has launched since 2009 and has the goal to draw the attention of Armenia’s population on nesting areas for birds and their conservation issues.
All children, as well as their parents and teachers were offered to take part in migratory birds watching, through which children will create a real map of these species annual journey.
Students also learned about competitions held within the framework of the “Spring Alive”.

1. The best comics contest entitled “Overcoming difficulties”,
2. The best “Spring Alive” contest.

Students are also introduced the “Bird of the year-2015″- the European Roller, about which the pupils learned many interesting facts.
In the end of the visit, a quiz was held, the winners of which were awarded with encouraging gifts.
The ASPB expressed its gratitude to Aparan Aarhus Center for many years of cooperation.

Marianna Danielyan
Arevik Avetisyan
Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds (ASPB)
E-mail: armbirds@yahoo.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan