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Residents of Mayakovsky district of Stepanavan require of responsible authorities to ensure secure environment


Stepanavan_07_05On April 26, Stepanavan Aarhus Center received an emergency call from Mayakovsky district residents. They argue that garbage disposal is not implemented in proper way in Mayakovsky Street of Stepanavan; the whole street was transformed into garbage piles, through which children go to school every day, in which stray dogs are often wandering.The garbage heaps poses a threat to the population, especially to children, as a source of infection, the risk of which increases in parallel with the warming weather.

“We are drowning in garbage,”- said residents, garbage disposal mechanism from private houses is carrying out in a very bad method, people are not aware about the approach of the waste collection vehicle. They suggested to post the garbage collection schedule on the website of the Municipality of Stepanavan that people at least know when the garbage truck to come.

Residents were quoted the Article 43 of the RA Code on Administrative Offences “not organizing waste disposal in time, garbage dumping in undefined places, failing to provide necessary conditions for waste management”, according to which: “not organizing waste disposal in time cause imposition of a penalty in respect of the officials, up to the amount of the hundred-fold of the defined minimum salary to two hundred-fold.
Stepanavan_07_05_2Performing the violation intended in the first part of this article the second time within a year cause imposition of a penalty in respect of the officials up to the amount of two hundred-fold of the defined minimum salary to three hundred-fold.”

In fact voluminous garbage piles are emerged in Mayakovsky Street of Stepanavan creating in the area infection dissemination environment posing a danger for human health. Women’s and children’s rights are violated.

Manya Melikjanyan, coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus Center at the public request sent a letter to Michael Gharakeshishyan, Stepanavan Mayor to intervene in the solution of the above mentioned issue, to ensure the security of the community.Stepanavan_07_05_1.1

The citizens are sure that the local government should take immediate steps, as well at the request of the Aarhus Convention ratified by the RA in the cases of environmental violations the authorities should act immediately.

Manya Meliqjanyan
Coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 93 315108
E-mail: manya_lore@yahoo.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan