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The board of experts of Ararat AC considered urgent the problem of irrigation water in the region

On April 16, the board of experts’ first meeting of this year was held in Ararat Aarhus Center. Then was approved the staff of the board of experts of the Aarhus Centre in 2015. The Board was approved in the following staff: three representatives of local government, a member of Ararat RCAS, from civil society represented by Development of educational NGO, Women’s Council, “Angel”, “Together” dealing with issues of people with disability NGO, as well as the regional coordinator of Fighting against corruption and promoting the development of a comprehensive program (AYLA) and the chemistry teacher of the primary school N 2 of the city of Ararat.

Tigran Matevosyan was elected as the chairman of the Board.

As there were some changes in the staff of the board, the center’s coordinator presented the new members the objectives and functions of the center stressing the importance of the Board of experts as a mentoring and a governing body of the center’s activity. After approving the staff of the board a discussion was started over the center’s working plan for 2015.

Despite there are rather serious environmental problems in the region, which about the participants talked with pain, but as a priority was considered the existing irrigation water issue in region.

Tigran Matevosyan, head of the board stressed the importance of strengthening interaction between the residents and the NGOs who want to invest in some projects in the areas, where are existing irrigation water problems.Board member Gohar Martirosyan stressed the importance to continue cooperation with schools and educational institutions.

During the meeting the cooperation between Local government and civil society also was highlighted

Hripsime Sargsyan
Coordinator of Ararat Aarhus center
E-mail: ripsime-84@mail.ru
Translated by Hripsime Sargsyan