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Informed young people: fully involvement in the communities: Aparan

Aiming at increasing youth civic activity, involving and consolidating them in consideration and resolution of community environmental issues, on the initiative of Aparan Aarhus Center, within the frameworks of the “Informed young people: fully involvement in communities”program, on April 10 a round table discussion was held at the office of “Kantegh Aragatsi” NGO. It was dedicated to the people’s environmental rights.
The Aarhus Center Coordinator presented a presentation to the participants of the discussion: the youth and students of Aparan and surrounding villages,

about the environmental issues, citizens’ environmental rights and obligations of the public servants, as well as environmental issues of Aparan and surrounding communities (waste collection and disposal, landscaping, pollution of Kasagh River) and the reasons of their occurrence.

According to the participants, the reason of some community problems are the citizens, including youth inactivity and indifference, and that many of the community problems could be solved by combining efforts: organizing citywide Cleanup Saturdays, tree planting and other environmental actions.

Natalya Manukyan
Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Center
Tell: /374 94/ 22-49-26
E-mail: aarhusaparan@mail.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan