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Hrazdan iron mine danger once again on the agenda of the Aarhus Center


hrazdan_03_04_3On April 1, coordinator of the national environmental projects of the OSCE Office in Yerevan Gohar Ghzinyan, chief expert of the ‘’Economic Legal Analysis Center” NGO and the coordinator and head of the expert group Gevorg Danielyan, and the general director of the NGO Hamlet Batikyan visited Hrazdan Aarhus Center. The purpose of the visit was to get familiarized with the documents collected from the Hrazdan iron mine.

Zhora Arakelyan, the coordinator of the Hrazdan Aarhus Center represented the package related to the Hrazdan iron mine. The meeting was attended by the members of “Healthy Hrazdan” civil initiative group, who talked about the works implemented in the mine with interruptions during the years and about the documentary incompleteness. Doctor of law sciences, Professor Gevorg Danielyan answered many questions, which were important for the coordinators and the members of “Healthy Hrazdan” civil initiative group and decisive for future activities.

The expert group expressed willingness to give professional advice and assistance to the members of civil initiative group and Hrazdan Aarhus Center in case of new legal p[problems in Hrazdan iron mine.

Anahit Mnatsakanyan
Coordinator of Hrazdan Aarhus Center
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan