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“French-Armenian Development Foundation” has launched a project to strengthen the capacity of civil society in Armenia


kapan_25_03On March 24, 2015 the public discussion of the project was held in Kapan Aarhus Center. The project aims at strengthening capacities of the community NGOs, civic initiatives, as well as associations of parents of children with disabilities in Yerevan and in the 10 provinces of the RA.

Nune Balyan, coordinator, local partner of the implementation of the “French-Armenian Development Foundation” project, presented the foundation’s goals, objectives, activities and expectations from the mentioned program.

Narine Tadevosyan, expert of the project, thoroughly stopped over those issues, for the resolution of which the Foundation will offer small grants at the initial stage to study the NGO practices, the quality and results of the project implementation. The latter noted that the grants will be given only to NGOs. Informed that the communities can implement the projects in cooperation with NGOs, whose aims and objectives would comply with the format of the Foundation. She invited all interested persons to take part in the meeting to be held on March 27 in Yerevan (expenses will be covered by the Foundation), in which will be introduced drawing up of projects and format.

Discussion was attended by representatives of the RA Syunik regional administration, Kapan Municipality, Kapan surrounding communities and NGOs. The participants made suggestions. The experts wrote down and promised to include them in the discussions on March 27.

They expressing gratitude to the Aarhus Center for the cooperation said that they will continue the cooperation and consider the Aarhus Centers capacities during their further actions. Detailed information about the project and the upcoming event can be received through the Aarhus Center.

Ashot Avagyan
Coordinator of Kapan Aarhus Center
Translated by Anush Beybutyan