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Steps taken by the local government in the solution of environmental problems at the suggestion of Kapan Aarhus Center
On March 10, 2015 after the public discussion of the “Environment and Population Health Protection” environmental program held in Kapan Municipality Hall, in which the deputy Mayor presented the letter of Kapan Aarhus Center about installing a gate nearby the entrance of the abandoned pit in David Bek district and repairing the dilapidated manhole for water drainage of polluted by yellow waters coming out of the mine, a working group was created with participation of Deputy Mayor, assistants, employees of the Department of Urban Development and NGOs, which went to David Bek district, in order to study the above mentioned and other problems.

Getting acquainted with the situation on the spot, several suggestions were made.

It was adopted that is required to:1. Repair the manhole at the entrance of the pit and clean it.

2. Build a small drainage hole inside the pit.
3. Fix the waters through 200 mm diameter plastic pipe to the manhole.
4. Close the outside manhole.
5. Build and install a metal grating gate.

Afterwards the working group went to the huge mound of “empty” rocks of the former mines nearby the many-storied buildings from where in rainy days a large amount of soil-mixed waters, yellow in color, contaminated with heavy metals are flowing through buildings yards and filling into the streets.

To the group approached many residents presenting the problem more detailed, the latter made suggestions, and expressed their willingness to help, support, and take part in the settlement of the problem. They noted that the mentioned issue has been raised several times many years ago, but in vain.

Discussing this issue, as a result the participants stood in front of the two versions:

1. Through the underground part of this area, rather deeply is passing the canyon’s drainage log. It was decided to find its place and to fix the surface rainwater through pipeline into the log. Previously it was tried with huge equipments to find the log but failed.
2. In this section to build a new concrete surface log with pipes of 1 m diameter and connect it to the log at the road of Spandaryan Street. This option is also very convenient, although more costly in comparison with the first version.

On the spot R. Sargsyan, Deputy Mayor instructed A. Stepanyan, head of Urban Development to deal with these issues. The Deputy Mayor also promised residents that the problem will be definitely solved in any version and with direct support of residents.

Ashot Avagyan
Coordinator of Kapan Aarhus Center
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan