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Citizens’ recommendations have been included in Kapan “Environment and Population Health Protection” program
In 2015 the public discussion of the “Environment and Population Health Protection” environmental program was held in Kapan Municipality Hall, which was organized by the manner prescribed by the law. The opening speech was made by Rudolph Sargsyan, Deputy Mayor, expecting active participation.
The latter also presented the letter of Kapan Aarhus Center addressed to the mayor on March 4, 2015 about installing a gate nearby the entrance of the abandoned pit in David Bek district and repairing the dilapidated manhole for water drainage of polluted by yellow waters coming out of the mine.                                            (http://aarhus.am/letters_2015/kapan_04_03_15.pdf )

The problem is that in rainy days the streets are being filled with polluted waters. (http://aarhus.am/?page_id=5579 ). The Deputy Mayor stated that a working group was created: to study the problem on the spot and then invited the representatives of NGOs and constructor-engineers by profession to visit David Bek district and determine the solution of the problem after the public discussion. Details of the “Environment and Population health protection” Program was presented by Avetik Hambardzumyan, head of Foreign Affairs and Environmental Programs Department of municipality.

About the cleaning of the beds of rivers flowing through the city the Aarhus Centre Coordinator stated in his speech. “On February 22, 2014 with participation of employees of “ZCMP” CJSC, the municipality, Kapan Aarhus Centre, “Return” civil movement NGO was organized a community work day dedicated to the World Water Day, the central part of Vachagan River bed was cleaned, but the pollution is the same today. The river bed of Voghji is in the same condition. Large amount of funds are being spent, great techniques are input into the river, the bed was cleaned, but a year later the picture is the same.”

He offered to acquire wheeled plastic trashes and strictly instructed the employees of Kapan utilities not to fill the garbage of riverside streets into the river, as today it was ordered to throw the dust into the river, and the workers dump everything into the river. The proposal was accepted, and on the spot the head of the Public utilities received an order to purchase several portable trash cans.

The NGO representatives purposed to impose fines on incinerating leaves in autumn, polluting the streets, to install cameras in riverside streets, the representatives of Kapan TV expressed their willingness in making programs about the city’s clean up and to show photos of polluters on the TV.

Armen Parsadanyan, chairman of “Sustainable Development” NGO proposed to set up funds from the budget or other sources for research purposes of Kapan environmental and healthcare issues. The presented project was approved by adopting the proposals that may be submitted in writing form within a week.

After completion with participation of the deputy mayor, employees of the Department of the Urban Development and NGOs, we went to David Bek district, to study both the above mentioned and other issues related to the surface waters.

Ashot Avagyan
Coordinator of Kapan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 93 79 59 21
E-mail: info_kapan@aarhus.am, kapan.aarhus@mail.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan