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Public Debate: Dilijan Aarhus Center expects that the number of trees to cut down will be decreased

On January 22, a public hearing was held over the pre-assessment bid on environmental impact of “Sustaining Parz Lake 35/6 kV power station by 35 kV air line and 6 kV cable” in Dilijan Aarhus Center.
The works was ordered by the Ministry of Finance, the initiator is “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC, the developer of the project is “Energy Network Institute” CJSC and the developer of preliminary assessment application is “ATMS Solutions” LLC.
The purpose of the planned action is ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power supply of the building of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the RA in Dilijan city.

In accordance with the working draft is designed to construct “Parz Lake” 35/6 kV substation and 35 kV single – circuit cable transmission air line along with it 680 m in length. There also will be used pillars previously built in this area. It is also planned to build security systems of gas pipelines at the gas pipeline crossing sections. The proposed actions area is located 5 km south of the town of Dilijan, near the road leading to Parz Lake. Various questions were raised during the discussion. If have been considered alternative ways of implementing the project.

The most important question concerning the representatives of the community was raised by coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Center regarding the felling of 57 trees during the implementation of activities planned by the draft (of various diameters 54.89 kht.khm). Albert Haroyan, coordinator of the Centre has personally observed the area and did not discover so many trees. Therefore, based on this fact yet at the first public discussion the latter purposed to create a committee composed of representatives of stakeholders and study the issue on the spot, being convinced that in this project the number of the trees was exaggerated, which gives rise to doubts.

As this was the second discussion and the number of trees has not been reviewed, Albert Haroyan said in his speech that he opposed to that point of the project where is fixed the number of trees to be felled. And already for the second time proposed to include this opinion in the protocol and review the number of trees to be felled in expectation of decreasing.

Albert Haroyan
Coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 268 2 3138, 94 763594
E-mail: info_dilijan@aarhus.am , albertharoyan@rambler.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan