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Who benefits from the elimination of Molokans strong community?

On January 8, representatives of Fioletovo community met with Ambassador A. Sorokin, head of the OSCE Office in Yerevan. A few days ago they had applied to Stepanavan Aarhus Center, requesting to provide reliable information and expert assistance on the operation of the gold mine situated nearby the village. With the assistance of the Center Coordinator they sent a letter to the OSCE Ambassador, representing their concerns and fears.
Only in November of the last year the community residents were informed that some company is going to exploit the gold mine just 100 meters away from their houses. This assumes that the bulk of the village
arable and agricultural lands, pastures, even areas of residential houses should serve the exploitation of the mining company.

The OSCE Ambassador certainly was aware of the problem, but highlighted discussion of the situation in order to plan further joint steps.

Acting on behalf of all the residents of their community A. Morozov, N. Chichov A. Zadorkin and A. Dyakonov informed that at the early stage of planning the mine development project, they were not informed, their opinion has not been taken into account, moreover, two public hearings were held without participation of the community. And when the community was informed what was actually going on, unanimously opposed, however, mine developers did not hold back from their intention.

Representatives of Fioletovo community asked to carry out independent expertise of the draft, which will enable substantiate their concerns.

A. Dyakonov noted that there are some natural springs at the area of the village including mineral water, which the locals call “salt water”, which have vital importance for the existence of the community, whereas as a result of the mine development those will not only be disqualified, but completely dried up. The mine development will lead to eco-migration of residents’ of the distorted village, while not any social, economic, or another situation had become a reason for resettlement of any family from the village. Perhaps this seemingly petty problem for the Republic of Armenia, threatens the existence of this Russian people regained their second homeland, with consolidated way of life.

For centuries, the regular course of lives of these hardworking and disciplined people built comfortable and peaceful settlement in this cozy corner by their own hands suddenly can be deflected due to the entrepreneurs suffering from the gold fever and recklessness of decision-makers.

Ambassador A. Sorokin, head of the OSCE Office in Yerevan marked that the issue would be under his direct control, because it is not only related to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, but also the human rights protection and the existence security. The latter promised to organize a meeting with the Russian Ambassador to Armenia I. Volinkin and A. Grigoryan, Minister of Nature Protection of the RA in the near future in the expectation to find reasonable and mutually beneficial solution to the issue.

“Fioletovo community”

Mary Chaqryan
Armenian Aarhus Centers Press Officer
E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan