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It was succeeded to save the process failure of the fight against the climate change at the last moment in Lima

The 20th Conference of the Parties took place on December 1-2, in Lima, Peru on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. More than 12000 representatives were hosted in Lima from governmental, non-governmental and international organizations.
One of the most important of the many issues discussed is the content of the new protocol attached to the Climate Change Convention, which will be adopted at the 21st conference in Paris.
Unlike the Kyoto protocol in this document obligations should be set referring greenhouse gas emission reductions or growth restriction by all the countries or
as it is accepted to say during the negotiations; investments. Paris protocol should include obligations for the years of 2020-2030 and will be probably continued till 2050. Before that the countries should be prepared to take adequate commitments after 2020 with quantitative indicators, which will provide the restriction of the global temperature rise to 2°C.

In Lima uncompromising negotiations were held between the developed and developing countries referring to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation to climate change in terms of financial investments, technology transfer and capacity building.

At the end of the conference, as it was foreseen on December 12, they failed to reach agreement on the text of the Protocol proposed to be adopted in Paris. Only in the morning of December 13 it was succeeded to adopt negotiating document with a number of versions for future negotiations of the protocol adoption. The fact is in that in accordance with the UN Charter negotiations should be started only 6 months after the adoption of the negotiating text. The negotiating text in its turn is being adopted only at the Conference of the Parties. Which means, if there is no agreement around the negotiating text, it will bring to the failure of the process. So this document will be reviewed in May, 2015. In this terms extremely short time remains before the Paris Conference.

What about the Kyoto Protocol? As you know the second period of the Kyoto protocol covers the years 2013-2020. At this point there is no official decision if it will continue or exist after 2020, though it can be formal and continued, but experts say that probably there will be no need for that.
In accordance with the decisions adopted at the Conference the countries should submit the official information about their views and contributions in the first half of 2015. In the first half of the next year Armenia should prepare and present its position on greenhouse gas reduction or limitation regime, as well as technology development, transfer and investment, financing, and capacity needs at the adaptation of these areas.

It was underscored at the Conference that all the mentioned processes should be transparent and accessible to the public.

It should be noted that that the conference was also marked by exciting, vivid cultural events and social actions.
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Mari Chakryan
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