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The protection of nature is itself “morality”

“Khazer” NGO presented the brochures “We and our planet” in Yerevan Aarhus center. Their republication was carried out in the frames of grant announced by the Youth foundation of Armenia, partner organization of the president of RA and the through the project “Raising civil society ecological awareness” implemented by “Khazer” NGO through republishing the brochures “We and our planet”.
All the 14 books are based on the following idea “The ecology is the reflection of human soul in the nature and the vice versa the reflection of nature in human soul was always the unwritten morality Bible of civilized humanity. This is morality itself”.

A large number of teachers and heads of NGOs were interested in the brochures thus Yerevan Aarhus Center meeting hall was crowded. Some of the participants were already familiar with brochures and were happy to acquire the edited versions.

The president of “Khazer” NGO Mrs. A. Hambardzumyan introduced the books name by name; spoke about the issues raised in them, mainly about the precondition of human existence, a healthy environment, safe food, climate change, greenhouse gases, forest protection and other issues. The project expert, Mrs. M. Chakryan spoke about the need for elaboration principles and need, represented the news in accordance with the thematic areas. In her speech the national coordinator of the Aarhus Convention in Armenia Mrs. A. Iskoyan attached utmost importance to the brochure about the Aarhus Convention, highlighted its easy conceivability and its accessible language for rendering. All the participants of the events expressed the desire to make such seminars frequent and continuous.

Silva Ayvazyan
Coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Center
E-mail: info@aarhus.am