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Protecting our Environment


On November 28, within the framework of the “Impact on the policy through communication at the local level” Yerevan regional development program implementing by the World Vision Armenia a seminar was held under the theme “Municipal solid wastes and their impact on the environment”.
At the invitation of the manager of the above mentioned program the theme was presented to 6-8th grade 70 students of Yerevan schools No. 117 and No. 103 by S. Ayvazyan, coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Center.

The goal of the training course was to impart general knowledge on household waste, its impact on the environment and human health as well as to instill caring attitude towards the environment by the rising generation.

“Based on the international experts assessments annually 6 million 300 thousand tons of garbage are dumped into the world’s ocean, mostly plastics, which causes destruction of 1 million birds, 100 thousand marine mammals and thousands of fish stocks”, – mentioned S. Ayvazyan.

She referred to the commonly used plastic household products and encouraged to refrain from those using mentioning its harmful effects. Attendees also learned about the harmful effects of the waste incineration, particularly the fact that during the incineration of garbage many harmful compounds of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur oxides, oxides of heavy metals, cyanide, dioxides can penetrate into the external environment. The latter are considered as POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants), which are not exposed to chemical and biological degradation and cause a variety of diseases among people including cancer.

With the participants were also discussed Yerevan city’s pollution, particularly water facilities and waste management issues, as well as discussed the possible ways of those solutions: garbage collection, recycling and reusing.

Through pictures were shown how the waste can obtain new life turning into beautiful, necessary items with their own hands.

The course was accompanied by screening thematic video films, which made the presented material more intelligible, as evidenced the active and enthusiastic participation of students. The teachers expressed their gratitude, highlighted the importance of such measures, mentioning that they also received new information and refreshed their knowledge on the subject.

Silva Ayvazyan
Coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Center
E-mail: info@aarhus.am
Translated by Anush Beybutyan