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Presentation of the brochures “We and our planet” in the Aarhus Centers

Trainings in frames of the project of reprinting the brochures ‘’We and our planet’’ were also held in Dilijan, Gyumri, Gavar, Aparan Aarhus Centers with the aim to raise the ecological awareness of civil society in the marzes of Armenia. President of the ‘’Khazer’’ ecocultural NGO, professor of the RA State management academy A. Hambardzumyan and geoecologist and expert of ecological information M. Chakryan introduced to the participants the brochures “We and our planet”.
The 14 named brochures “We and our planet” relate to almost all the environmental issues from the first conspiracy against the nature to the renewable energy
They were compiled and published for the first time in 2006 and were provided to many schools and libraries and they are required as an additional source up to present. They are guaranteed by the National institute of education of the RA the Ministry of Education and Science, and by the Ministry of Nature Protection as an additional academic literature for the secondary schools relevant courses.There was a need to amend the brochures as many changes have been made since 2006. The amending and reprinting of the brochures became possible in the frames of the grant announced by the Youth foundation of Armenia, partner organization of the RA president.

The participants of the events, the directors, teachers and employees of schools, kindergartens and libraries, the representatives of NGOs and high schools students were not only interested in schools, but also the topics included in them around which interesting discussions were held.

The brochures were provided both to the participants of the events and the Aarhus centers, so that those who had not directly participated in the presentation of the brochures, could be able to use them.

Mari Chakryan
Information responsible official of the Aarhus Centers of Armenia.

E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan