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Environmental Debates throughout the Year

Within the framework of the environmental debates program the “Bird Lovers” NGO supported by the OSCE Office in Yerevan in the course of the year has implemented lot of activities towards maintenance of healthy and secure environment. Have been examined mining activities of Meliqgyugh and Tukhmanuk. The local population has been informed about environmental issues as well as also detected many documentary irregularities and frauds. Analyses were written on Tukhmanuk mine, press conferences were conducted, project experts have participated in mine-related public hearings.
Due to this extensive work the villagers of Meliqgyugh

got informed and the construction of the 3rd tailing dump has been temporarily ceased.
Analyses were made on water outlets from Lake Sevan and environmental issues, scientific articles were written by experts.
Have been organized press conferences, meetings with the Government and the Ministry of Nature Protection, letters were addressed to the international financial institutions, such as the Asian Development Bank, which activities could be resulted increasing water outlets from Lake Sevan.
Researches were carried out in the villages of Ararat region.
Through surveys it was turned out that the villagers, although the water outlets from Lake Sevan were again left without drinking and irrigation water.
Thanks to discussions and analyses it was succeeded to change the duration of 5 years 240 million cubic meters water outlets from Lake Sevan to one year.
Since 2011, wolf attacks on farms were the reason for the government for adopting decision to solve the problem through hunting.
By the project experts numerous letters were sent to the Ministry of Environment of the RA, to the Prime Minister, with alternative proposals, which should contribute to the protection against wolves’ attacks without harming the animals.
Many press conferences, TV programs, TV- debates were organized, due to which the public was informed about wolves’ behavior and how to protect from their attacks.
We consider the most important result is that a number of organizations began to support the rural husbandries to protect them from wolves, and in accordance with our proposals, for example, “VivaCell MTS” company has set electronic shepherds in some regions, which will protect the rural economies of wolves’ attacks and contribute to suspension the wolves’ destruction.
In Aparan, Dilijan, Ararat, Yeghegnadzor and Goris Aarhus Centers were held environmental training courses on the bird life, their significance and conservation raising awareness of 75 children. Also has been conducted photography master classes entitled “eco-lens”.
In the all Aarhus centers young people got acquainted with the peculiarities of photography. In total, 350 young people have participated in19 courses.
Throughout the year, have been held 150 press conferences, which was attended by 600 journalists, representatives of NGOs, activists and interested citizens, and 55 TV programs and TV debates, 10 round tables, 24 training courses, which was attended by about 1,500 people.

Silva Adamyan
Coordinator of Environmental Debates Project
E-mail: ecocoalitionarmenia@gmail.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan