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Revelation of the demands and problems directed towards the reduction of the environmental risks caused by the RA metal mineral tailings


The YSU Sustainable Development Center (SDC) organized a round-table meeting in order to sum up the activities implemented by the SDC in the above mentioned sphere and to discuss the results of the work. The meeting was held in the YSU Geography and Geology Faculty conference hall on November 18, 2014. Among the participants were the OSCE experts Giovanni Pardini, PhD, from the Chemical Engineering and Agro-economics department of the Girona University in Spain, and Doug Hickman, member of the Counselling Association from Canada, representatives of the RA Ministry of Ecology, members of several social and scientific organizations (“Aarhus” Center, the alliance of economical organizations, the YSU Scientific – Educational Center for Environmental Law, etc.), as well as students and employees of the YSU faculties and scientific centers. The total number of participants was more than 60 people. The meeting was presented by the YSU PR administration in the “Yerevan State University” magazine, the YSU website and “Ecolur” informational portal. The program was carried out under the auspices of the OSCE Office in Yerevan. The meeting was organized by the YSU Sustainable Development Center with the assistance of the OSCE Office in Yerevan. During the meeting the speakers were Ruben Movsesyan, Head of Chair of Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Deposits of the YSU Geography and Geology Faculty, Candidate of Geologic-mineralogical sciences, and Marat Grigoryan, Dean of the YSU Geography and Geology Faculty, Candidate of Geologic-mineralogical sciences. They spoke about the results of the activities implemented by the SDC in the above mentioned sphere which were based on the researches carried out by the experts of the SDC as well as by several invited experts. The report involved a corresponding presentation.
The speakers addressed the attention of the audience to the environmental impact of hazardous tailing dams and possible prevention of hazards. In this regard, special emphasis was put on the observance of the standards related to the engineering and seismic construction of tailings. The report dwelled upon such subjects as the hazard classes of tailings, management of their passport making and cadastre, the monitoring for the purpose of defining the impact on the environment, other actual questions. For the first time there were mentioned such problems as the formation of sanitary zones around mining objects and definition of their size, as well as the introduction of the compulsory insurance of the responsibility the owner of a hazardous object holds related to the mining activity. After presenting quite detailed information on the above mentioned questions, R.S. Movsesyan drew forward the main suggestions concerning the reduction of the negative impact the mining industry has on the environment. The report was followed by an active discussion, questions and suggestions made by the representatives of both the scientific sphere and the RA Ministry of Ecology.

At the end of the meeting the OSCE experts Giovanni Pardini and Doug Hickman made their speech. Highly appreciating the presented work, they praised the idea of organizing a round table meeting and similar discussions. The experts made a brief presentation of the experience and the applied policy in the sphere of mining industry in their own countries.

The report was prepared by the Sustainable Development Center of Yerevan State University with the support of the OSCE Office in Yerevan

Head of the YSU Sustainable Development Centre,
Associate professor PhD of
Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, R.S. Movsesyan