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Public Monitoring of Management Processes of Urban Green Areas of the City of Gyumri

The “Third Nature” NGO with the support of the “European Endowment for Democracy” (EED), in partnership with the Public Environmental Information “Aarhus” Center of Gyumri and “Youth in Action for Change” program of the Jinishyan Memorial Foundation representation of Gyumri is implementing “Improvement of management practices and transparent local government” program.
Within the framework of the program has been carried out public monitoring of urban green areas in the city of Gyumri, based on its results have been prepared a report.
The electronic version of the report can be

downloaded by clicking on this link: http://www.3nature.am/docs/Report.pdf .

The content of the report reflects the monitoring results, published official statistical data, mass media publications, results of the control and supervisory activities of the competent authorities and other reliable data regarding the research subject.

The project was carried out in close collaboration with the Aarhus Centers in Armenia.

In the entire implementation process of the program Gyumri Aarhus Center served as a resource center for all interested parties and provided active support in collection and storage of the necessary data, as well as in provision of professional advice.

“Monitoring for the Future” Youth Initiative Group held more than 15 workshops and discussion at the Gyumri Aarhus Center. Training courses on the subject were held in eight cities, including six Aarhus centers: Gyumri, Alaverdi, Vanadzor, Stepanavan, Yerevan and Gavar.

Distribution of the “Methodological manual for public monitoring of urban green areas and their management processes” published within the framework of the program throughout the territory of Armenia was carried out by the network of the Aarhus Centers.

Moreover, with the support of the Centers during the discussions of budgets of some local governments have been raised issues regarding inventory of green spaces, green plantations passportization and need for actions for development of a relevant registry and suggested to plan some amount of money for that purpose in the budget 2015 (for example in the city of Dilijan).

Detailed information on the process and final results of the public monitoring of urban green areas carried out in the city of Gyumri can be obtained by applying thirdnaturengo@yandex.ru and gyumricenter@gmail.com e-mail addresses.

Gevorg Petrosyan
President of “Biosophia” NGO
Coordinator Gyumri Aarhus Center
Address: Garegin Nzhdeh 12a, Gyumri,
3103, Republic of Armenia
Phone/Fax: +374 312 3 29 13
Mob.: +374 93 71 45 33
E-mail: gevpetrosyan@gmail.com, biosophia@gmail.com

Translated by Anush Beybutyan