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Implementation of the Local Level Risk Management in Armenia

As the next action of the “Capacity building of the Aarhus Centers: aiming to raise awareness of the local communities in disaster risk reduction” program, on November 13-16 the employees of the Aarhus Centers of Armenia have taken an introductory course under the theme “Implementation of the Local Level Risk Management (LLRM) in Armenia.”
The aim of the four-day training was to introduce the employees of the Centers the purpose of methodology, objectives, formation and implementation processes of the LLRM in Armenia.
The training was made possible as a result of cooperation and support of the Crisis Management

State Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, DRR National Platform, OSCE, UNDP “Strengthening of National Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Capacities” Project, the Regional Environmental Center and “Lore” Rescue team.

The employees of the Aarhus Centers not only gained theoretical knowledge on the four main phases of the LLRM, but also in accordance with the chain of data collection, coordination, analyze, and introduction, through field and practical works used the appropriate tools and strengthened the acquired knowledge.

Through this works, as a result of vulnerability and capacity assessment they tried to form the list of priority of hazards of a conventional community. The latter also discussed the questions for filling disaster risk management certificate of the RA rural communities.

The above mentioned theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the training participants were conveyed by A. Chilingaryan and S. Mnatsakanyan, the UNDP experts and A. Arakelyan, head of the “Lore” Rescue team.
In the fourth day of the training in the context of the disaster management the issues of communication and notification were presented to the participants by the international expert P. Cincera.

The latter spoke both about the most popular environmental website in Czech Republic, collection and interesting presentation of the environmental information and the effectiveness of the automated system operating in the Czech Republic during the floods.

Thus the Aarhus Centers can be involved in the implementation process of the LLRM in Armenia, which will be carried out with direct participation of the DRR National Platform and “Lore” Rescue team.

Mary Chakryan
Armenian Aarhus Centers Press Officer