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Meeting in Hrazdan on Food Security Issues

On October 22, on the initiative of the Oxfam organization the meeting of the Regional Working Group on Food Security Issues was held in Hrazdan Aarhus Centre. Participants were representatives of Kotayk Regional Administration, farmers, heads of several communities of Kotayk region and the coordinator of Yeghvard Aarhus Centre.
At the beginning the representative of the Environmental Protection and Agriculture Division of the Regional Administration, welcomed the guests and highlighted the project implementation in the regions. The Coordinators of Hrazdan and Yeghvard Aarhus Centers presented the Centers’ activity and presented

the Centers’ activity and the Aarhus Convention, which aroused interest among participants. This was confirmed by the issues raised by the community leaders related to the pillars of the Convention.

The project experts presented the “Improvement of Food Security” project and the current food security situation in Armenia.

An open discussion and exchange of views were held. At the end, the participants filled out questionnaires on the need and applicability of the obtained information.

Anahit Mnatsakanyan
Coordinator of Hrazdan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 91 663316, 93 843008
E-mail: info_hrazdan@aarhus.am, zhora.arakelyan@mail.ru, manahit84@mail.
Translated by Anush Beybutyan