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Public hearings were held in Dilijan Aarhus Center on the EIA of working project of “Replacement of T -2 transformer by 110/35/6 kV transformer at “Dilijan” 35/6 kV SS”


dilijan 1 (1)On October 17, public notice and hearings on the EIA of working project of “Replacement of T -2 transformer by 110/35/6 kV transformer at “Dilijan” 35/6 kV SS” were held in Dilijan Aarhus Center.
Participants were representatives of stakeholder organizations: Dilijan Municipality, “Dilijan” National Park, “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC, “Energonetproject Institute” CJSC of “Dilijan” power station, “ATMS Solutions Ltd”, “Dilnet Service” NGOs, “Dilijan” newspaper reporter and Aarhus Center coordinator.


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A. Ter-Torosyan, environmentalist-expert at “ATMS Solutions” Ltd., mentioned that in 2012 the project was subjected to environmental impact assessment and received positive opinion of expertise by the Ministry of Environment. However, within one year after receiving the opinion, the planned activities have not been carried out, in accordance with the RA law on “The environmental impact assessment and expertise,” it has been revoked and subjected to the new expertise.
L. Khachatryan, chief specialist of the EP division at “Energonetproject Institute” CJSC presented the business plan implemented on the order of the “Electric Networks of Armenia” company.
R. Makinyan, chief ecologist at “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC said that their goal is to organize the activities so that the damage caused to the environment will be minimal.
G. Davtyan, head of the “Dilijan” power station of the “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC, City Council Member stressed the importance of the planned activities, adding that the substation is also an important source of an alternative power supply.

dilijan 4 (1)The speakers also noted that actually 199 trees will not be cut in “Dilijan” National Park; some of these are shrubs, the rest ones will be only pruned. It was mentioned that only 60 meters of the total length of the air line is passing through the national park, the remaining 200 meters is passing through the territory of the dump which is a community property. It was suggested to carry out recalculation based on the calculating-assessing list of logging provided by “Dilijan” National Park, taking into account the above mentioned arguments: to give preliminary approval to the implementation of the working project, taking into account the importance of the project in terms of meeting demand for uninterrupted power supply and growing demand for electricity of the city of Dilijan.

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Translated by Anush Beybutyan