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Working Meeting-discussion on the Draft of Dilijan National Park’s Management Plan


On the initiative of the directorate and experts of “Dilijan” National Park, on October 15 a working meeting was held at the Park’s office, in order to meet with small groups within the “Dilijan” National Park Management Plan preparation process and listen to recommendations of all parties as well as to discuss the visible issues.

The meeting was held between A. Karapatyan, expert of the Park Management Plan working group’s project on biodiversity, A. Sindik, international expert, A. Haroyan Dilijan Aarhus Center coordinator and A. Hovannisyan, chairman of Dilnet Service NGO. The event was also attended by S. Muradyan, director of “Dilijan” National Park, R. Beglaryan, Deputy Director on Scientific Affairs and employees of the National Park. This meeting was preceded by the meetings of leaders and representatives of the National Park’s surrounding communities, for the same purpose.

A. Haroyan, Dilijan Aarhus Center coordinator presented the experts those issues about which were repeatedly spoken in the meetings held with representatives of civil society as well as interested state and public organizations: waste accumulation, illegal violations of the regime, unregulated activities of ecotourism, the problem of Gosh Lake, construction and other works-related issues at the Park area.

The coordinator expressed his concern that the land allotment provided from the National Park’s recreation zone for rent based on the motivation for ecotourism development ultimately leads to the construction activities at the Park, which in turn can negatively impact on biodiversity of the Park. The latter proposed to focus attention to that issue during drawing new management plan and to plan ecotourism development so that the national park’s biodiversity would have no damages. Also proposed to focus on the management plan’s action plan that it would be realistic and realizable, rather than contain unrealistic ideas put to the paper.Dilijan_17_10_2

At the end the Aarhus Center coordinator asked the experts, as soon as possible to forward the new action plan of the “Dilijan” National Park, if not printed, than at least electronically, to the Aarhus Centre, which will allow studying the project more detailed, involving a greater number of stakeholders, allowing collection of constructive proposals.

The Center coordinator proposed to arrange public debates in Dilijan Aarhus Center as soon as the project will be ready offering the center’s support in terms of ensuring public participation in discussions.

Albert Haroyan
Coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Center
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