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Exchange of Experience between the Students of the Ecologically Orientated Universities of Armenia and Russia


yerevan_09_10_04From September 29 to October 3, in the city of Perm in Russia was organized a summer school under the theme “Risk Management and ecological security ensuring issues in enterprises”, to which was also invited Ms. S. Ayvazyan, coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Center.
Note that in 2012-2013, by the “Ecology for the sake of peaceful co-existence” scientific, environmental NGO have been implemented “Support to raising knowledge on industrial security in higher education institutions” pilot program in Armenia, funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.
In its frameworks organized events has actively participated Yerevan Aarhus Center, as well as served as a resource center for the students included in the program, which are students of HEIs faculties of ecological orientation: future environmentalists.

The successful completion of the mentioned program provided basis for continuation of further activities and organization of another successful event by the “Ecology for the sake of peaceful co-existence” NGO: the summer school.

yerevan_09_10_6In the Summer School took part students of the Perm National Research Polytechnic Institute, Crisis Management Academy of Armenia and Faculty of Ecology of the State Engineering University of Yerevan. The event was attended by 10 experts from Armenia and abroad, including the UNECE Education for Sustainable Development and Industrial Accidents Convention Secretariats.


Within the frameworks of the Summer school was held an International Seminar under the theme “Risks Management”, during which the coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Center presented a presentation entitled “Industrial security and public awareness”. In the report were presented the public’s right legal grounds on access to information. The coordinator attracted particular attention on the fact that the Aarhus Convention is a powerful tool for making environmental information available to the public.
The latter also noted, what the Convention is anticipated in direction of the industrial security, which is “… the public authorities should establish a system which will ensure the proper dissemination of information to the state authorities.”yerevan_09_10_05

Ms. S. Ayvazyan referred to the ecological problems of Armenia, particularly to the devastating impact of mining industry on the surrounding environment. Through specific examples the latter presented what activities are carried out by the Aarhus Centers in Armenia and how they contribute to making information available to the public and public engagement in the decision-making process (see attached presentation).

The participants welcomed the speaker and addressed her many questions. The organizers pointed out that the report was meaningful and effective.
With the participants an agreement was reached for further cooperation and exchange of information.

yerevan_09_10_2By the European Union broadcasters (UN TV) will be shot a film about the Summer School, also will be developed an on-line educational module that will be available on the UNECE website.
The 6-day event was held with many interesting surprises and was a unique opportunity for sharing the experience of the Russian and Armenian students.

Silva Ayvazyan
Coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Center
Tell: + 374 10 55 13 64
E-mail: info@aarhus.am
Translated by Anush Beybutyan