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The cooperation of “Dilijan” NP and the Aarhus Center has got a new spirit


Dilijan_19_09Aiming to congratulate S. Muradyan, the newly appointed director of “Dilijan” National Park (NP), as well as to ensure continuity of long-term close cooperation with the Park’s staff, on September 18, A. Haroyan, coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Center had a meeting with the director of the NP.

After congratulating S. Muradyan, the Aarhus Centre Coordinator presented him details about the Aarhus centers creation, mission and goals. The latter also presented how have interacted the Aarhus Center and the National Park during these years, what kind of measures have been implemented, how the Center had regularly received information from the National Park. The cooperation with “Dilijan” National Park was launched in 2006, when the Aarhus Center was founded in Dilijan community.

During this period have been organized several joint events and workshops, including training seminars for employees of the National Park, the Park employees, in their turn, held cognitive seminars, discussions about “Dilijan” National Park in the Aarhus Center. There were also organized various campaigns at the Park area, have been carried out cleaning works of some parts of the near-forest areas.

In Dilijan Aarhus Center had been also discussed «Dilijan» National Park’s management plan for 2007-2011. Presenting all this, the Center’s coordinator expressed hope of a continuing collaboration created during the years. He also spoke about the creation processes of the new management plan. The Center Coordinator expressed also willingness to discuss the new management plan in the Aarhus Center, which is an excellent opportunity to present the plan to the concerned organizations and citizens of the community, to collect their proposals and ensure their participation in the decision-making process.

The newly appointed director S. Muradyan expressed willingness not only to continue the cooperation, but also to make it closer.

Albert Haroyan
Coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 268 2-31-38, 94 763594
E-mail: info_dilijan@aarhus.am , albertharoyan@rambler.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan