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In accordance with the gold-mine exploitation project by the Mego Gold LLC / Global Gold a Yezidi village will be destroyed


Meliq_lsumner By the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the RA a project on the expansion of the opencast mine of Toukhmanuk gold mine is submitted to the “Environmental expertise” SNCO of the MNP.
Let’s say at once that various analyzes and letters with a whole package on illegal operation of this mine are represented to competent authorities, the Prime Minister of the RA, Standing Committee on Environment and Agriculture and finally to the president of the RA, the criminal case initiated on this basis is currently pending.
On September 10, the public discussion of this project was held in Melikgyugh village Municipality. In attendance were employees of the Ministries of the Nature Protection, Energy and Natural Resources of the RA, deputy governor of Aragatsotn province, an expert at Committee on Environment and Agriculture of the NA and the director of “Mego-Gold”.

meliq_lsumner2This story is very fraudulent, currently the “Mego-Gold” has presented a new opencast mine project, without having any right on it. Still incomplete: without plant and tailing dump.
By the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the RA intentionally were not taken into consideration the information about the former mining rights of the applicant in the RA, as well as the list of the useful minerals.
The representatives of this ministry were sitting silent and mute, did not introduce themselves, did not voiced any explanation to our questions to which the “Mego-Gold” had no answers.
Meliq_lsumner 1 So they did not seem to be present at the hearings, successfully failed to hear and see the illegal robbing of the opencast mine without a project, carrying out in support of their Ministry over the years. The “Mego-Gold” was prepared a group of drunken provocateurs who tried to create confusion by swearing.
The mayor Mkrtchyan, to put it mildly, was not sincere with his villagers, feeling very well the protest and resistance of the villagers refer to the destroyed fields and meadows, constant danger of 3 uncultivated tailing dumps, the wave of protests against the risk of losing drinking water, which would not let another solution to the people rather than to leave their native settlements, the latter was trying to conduct the meeting in a scenario well-known for him in advance. Taking no notice of these all he just started to list, what the “Mego -Gold” had done for Melikgyugh.

qartez_1Desperate villagers coming out of the barn like area with dirty floor, where the hearings were held said. “Did you see how they deceived us?” If the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources respected the legislation, could not pass such a bill, but it wanted to conceal the illegal mining of which they are very well aware. In this project the tailing dam was mentioned in a completely different place, in the agricultural lands, on the Halavar River mouth, just above the Halavar reservoir and is about 5 times larger than Melikgyugh. Melikgyugh, Mirak and Rya Taza will remain between the plant and tailing dump. But a month ago there was not even a sign on the situational map of the 3rd fraudulently endorsed tailing dump. It was a pre-planned trap.
If the farms of these villages are ready to lose their agricultural lands under waste piles and tailing dump, to live near the tailing dump, lose their clean waters, their traditional jobs, in the hope that a hard job of the miner will be opened temporary. If after that they will be able to live in that area?
Our last hope is the conclusion of the Ministry of Nature Protection, if the “Environmental Expertise” SNCO will just reject the incomplete without plant and tailing dump project.

Greta Gabrielyan
Translated by Anush Beybutyan