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First Steps in the Development of Adventure Tourism in Goris Region


Goris_11_09_1In Goris Aarhus Center we hosted A. Polutsi and Mrs. Rubina, representatives of the USAID. The goal of the meeting was studying and discussing the ways of adventure tourism development in the region.
At first we familiarized the guests with the activities of the Aarhus Center: the forms of creating public awareness on the state of the surrounding environment, involving them in discussions of environmental issues.
Then we noted that in order to obtain information the center regularly have applied to community leaders, collected and represented the public suggestions, promoting the society-local self government cooperation.
Getting acquainted with the Center activities, the guests were more interested in the researches and activities aimed at development of tourism, as Goris is as a tourist center.Goris_11_09_2
Adventure tourism they consider the visits to different areas of nature or some strange (non-extreme) places by bicycles or horses. In their opinion adventure tourism can be also considered group visits to tailing dams, to which we responded negatively, because we are sure that it will enable mine developers to start a new type of business.
We also stated that the Aarhus centers and their supporters are constantly following and raising alarm about tailing dams related issues. Another contributing factor for the adventure tourism also can be cooperation with local government, NGOs, private entrepreneurs and citizens. We held meetings with individuals who are regularly organizing unusual tours to the lap of nature.
The guests were interested in the region’s peculiarities, based on which the city is chosen as a tourist center. In response was mentioned the exceptional nature of the area, monastic complexes, mountains, waterfall, nature’s bounty, carpet weaving and stone crosses…

Recently organized Mulberry festival in Goris also stimulated the influx of large numbers of tourists. It was mentioned, that nevertheless, the main direction offered to tourists is the Tatev monastery complex, cable car, old and new Khndzoresks through the new bridge.

Melada Harutyunyan
Expert of Goris Aarhus Center
E-mail: info_goris@aarhus.am
Translated by Anush Beybutyan