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Gndevaz residents as an act of protest have not participated in the public hearings over the Amulsar mining complex project

eghegnadzor_08_09.3This year on August 25, public hearings over the project and EIA report of Amulsar mining complex was held in Gndevaz community of Vayots Dzor region. Although at the disseminated official statement was mentioned that the hearings will be held on August 26, at 10: 00 a.m., in Gndevaz village Municipality, but the hearings began earlier in the school hall of Gndevaz community.
It appears that the hearing was also attended by residents of Saravan, Gorhayk nearby communities that is why Gndevaz residents have complained, because the hearing was attended by only 5 percent of the population of Gndevaz.
When V. Tevosyan, project author began to introduce the project, the residents frustrated: “We do not agree, even the five percent of Gndevaz is not present in the hall… hundreds of meetings were held, no any resident of Gndevaz had participated … they are joking, he speaks for himself.”
eghegnadzor_08_09.1Gndevaz residents left the hearings hall with the crowd. H. Mkrtchyan, Gndevaz Mayor and his supporters followed them. Although the complaints and even leaving the hall by Gndevaz residents, the hearings were continued by the organizers and representatives of other communities.
Gndevaz residents were outraged by the facts that, in spite of hearings were held in Gndevaz community, where will be built cyanide production, for Gndevaz residents were not even a place to stand at the hearings hall. They did not have the opportunity to express their protest against the Amulsar project in the hearings hall. Then passions stirred up even more, but after the intervention of Jermuk police Gndevaz residents were left outdoors, and the village head returned to the hearings room. The village head also announced that the company agreed to meet with Gndevaz residents separately, when the hearings completed. But, after the hearings when Gndevaz residents gathered in the hall, the mayor said that the meeting will not be.
eghegnadzor_08_09.2Amulsar gold mine project is carried out by «Lydian International» company, on behalf of the “Geoteam” CJSC. It is planned to exploit Amulsar gold mine in the course of 11 years, and extract gold in the leach pad to be constructed only 1.2 km south of Gndevaz through cyanide.


Narek Beglaryan
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan