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Residents of Melikgyugh are outraged, they do not tolerate the lie:Open letter addressed to the Minister of Nature Protection

25 July, 2014

To: A.Grigoryan, minister of Nature Protection of the RA


Suddenly being informed of the internet websites that on 30 June the Ministry Nature Protection Ministry issued a positive opinion to the working project of the new tailing dump of Toukhmanuk gold dressing plant submitted by “Mego Gold” LLC, we felt deep disappointment and resentment.
We note with regret that to the NGOs assumed heavy burden of protection of the interests of our Meliqgyugh community, were given written response No. 5 / 12.1 / 51257 dated 25.05.2014 by the Ministry Nature Protection, according to which on 28.03.2014 new public hearings were held with authorized persons professional conclusions, the affected community leaders and public opinions in Melik village community.
During the public hearings held in 28.03.2014 concerns have been expressed regarding the poor condition of the existing two tailings, the need for submitting to the joint expertise the projects of the tailing dump and the gold mine, as well as the processing plant, allotment of agricultural lands for construction of the tailings dam, seismic activity of the area, the continuous deterioration of water resources, failure of implementing social programs in the community by the initiator, breach of financial obligations towards the community and more.
It is clear that the ministry was aware of the real problems and hazards related to the construction of the planned tailings dam, public and professional opinions, but by breaking the laws of the RA (in accordance with the article 11 by within 20 days after the public hearings the competent authority is made a decision based on the results of protocols of the expert conclusion and public discussions) and simply ignoring the constitutional right of the entire community to live in a favorable environment, however, the new project of Tukhmanuk mine’s tailings dam has been endorsed.
It has been realized that the laws are acting only for the benefit of “powerful” and do not protect in any way the legitimate interests of ordinary citizens of Armenia, destructing the entire community we also ignore the national interests.
We, the residents of Meliq village urge you to withdraw your signature immediately, instruct to conduct mine inspections, assess its impact on the community and adjacent areas.
We believe that you, Mr. Grigoryan, as a public servant being paid on the account of sums got by taxpayers immediately need to visit Melikgyugh community to get acquainted with the situation in the place and provide us, the RA citizens, your professional assessment with your personal responsibility, as the minister of Nature Protection.

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