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Special Session of the Council of Elders of Tsav Community

On August 11, a special enlarged meeting of the Council of Elders was held in Tsav community of Syunik province of the RA regarding irrigation and drinking water in the summer months, environmental flows, Tsav SHPP, population employment and other issues of concern.
If 2-3 years ago such an event was conducted for stopping the SHPP, for which there were serious reasons and grounds, now the situation is different. The HPP was given clear water usage permission by months, during the river’s water scarcity it has no right to work. Currently the responsible for the HPP, the entire working staff (18 people) are residents of Tsav

village. The HPP’s leadership is solving particular problems of the village. The SHPP’s leadership offered to raise the village’s drinking and irrigation water abstraction by the resources of the SHPP to upper characters of the reservoir, which will allow the community to ensure uninterrupted irrigation of community lands, as well as to help repairing current irrigation water line.

The SHPP leadership also guarantees more environmental flows of the river, than envisaged by the project for all this asking the community to agree to allow the SHPP operation in June and in other months, when the river is relatively small, but have enough water.

A. Alexanyan, responsible official of the SHPP noted that recently they have completed the installation of the village’s night lighting and will provide uninterrupted electric lighting during a year. The SHPP administration is ready to assist and support to the solution of other community issues, for example, kindergarten maintains etc.

A. Grigoryan, head of the South Basins Management of the Water Resources Management Division recalling how he has fought many years ago for the water usage regime permission, now mentioned the new permit of the water usage.

A. Hovakimian, Deputy Head of the Syunik regional division of the Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, mentioned that always will be monitored the maintenance of the water usage legitimacy.
The Aarhus Centre Coordinator noted that the best and the most interested guards are the community residents: in case of any violation they may inform the Aarhus Center.

By the city council and the farmers participated in the discussion it was decided to give consent to the SHPP leadership for applying to obtain a new permit on water usage, but in condition that the promised water usage regime will be maintained.

Ashot Avagyan
Coordinator of Kapan Aarhus Centre
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan