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Consolidation of young people of communities in the solution of environmental problems

On August 15, the coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus Center met with active young people of Vardablur, Urut, Sverdlov, Agarak, Sarchap and Kurtan communities. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss priority environmental issues of Stepanavan and the surrounding areas and find ways to resolve them.
M. Melikjanyan, Aarhus Center coordinator presented the current state of Stepanavan, positive changes and the existing problems of the field. In this regard, the Centre coordinator highlighted the waste sorting process: separating the organic waste. Because all the participants were from the rural communities, they
may get composts from the separated organic waste, which is a useful organic fertilizer.

At the end, participants took part in the compost preparation and were obliged to prepare composts from organic waste in their own backyards and teach it to those interested.The event was held in a cordial atmosphere; the participants made their suggestions, agreed to keep clean their surrounding environment, to prevent from contamination and to transfer their obtained knowledge to the participants of the camps being held in the near future.

Manya Meliqjanyan
Coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 93 315108
E-mail: manya_lore@yahoo.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan