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Public discussion of the envisaging changes in the master plan of the city of Kapan


Kapan_19_08On August 19, public discussion of the envisaging changes in the master plan of the city of Kapan was held in the conference hall of Kapan municipality.
On the agenda:
1. Information on the implemented works
2. Questions and Answers
3. Recommendations and conclusions.The issue of envisaging changes in the master plan was raised by the municipality, because there were many shortcomings in the previous master plan, which would not give citizens an opportunity to record inventory of properties, by the reason of the lands incorrect values and others.
In the project realization took part employees of the Ministry of Urban Development and Nature Protection of the RA, “ArmProject” JSC’s workshop.
By the Aarhus Center were raised two important issues:
1. In 2007 the municipality wanted to build 27 garages planned by the master plan in the adjacent to children’s park area in the city center, even the response of the letter addressed to the RA President was permitted to build them. Due to the public debate organized in the Aarhus Centre on May 7, 2007 the municipality suspended its decision. What has been done in this direction that another mayor could not adopt decision on constructing a garage at the above mentioned place?
2. It is known that significant green spaces of children’s park has been given to citizens for rent with the right of construction, without informing the public in advance and without conducting public hearings. If construction starts and citizens and NGOs will apply to the Aarhus Center for suspending the construction at the legal point of view to what extent would be fair their demand?
Panorama 4The Aarhus Center’s representative also asked, what was done in the new master plan of the city center in order to save the park. Clear answers to the aforementioned questions were not given, were not even referred to them. R. Sargsyan, deputy mayor proposed to submit the mentioned issues in writing form to the municipality for studying and finding solutions. At the public discussion other participants also raised questions and gave suggestions. More than 40 representatives of state and non-governmental organizations, media took part in the event.

Ashot Avagyan
Coordinator of Kapan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 93 79 59 21
E-mail: info_kapan@aarhus.am , kapan.aarhus@mail.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan