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Abovyan’s Student Council Meeting


Eghvard_Abovyan_29_08On May 30, Yeghvard Aarhus Centre coordinator organized an informational seminar with Abovyan’s student council members, During the meeting of the Center she spoke about the Aarhus Convention statements, presented what activities the Armenian Aarhus centers do in support of the Convention. The importance is given to the issues of being informed, their participation and activity in the field. The center coordinator also presented the activity of Eghvard’s Aarhus Centre, informed about current and upcoming events and programs.

Student Council members were very interested in the centre activities and cooperation. As it turned out during the discussion, young people are interested and actively involved in all the events taking place in their city, giving the importance of youth participation in city events and problem- solving activities, with a view to their possible contribution to solution.
During the meeting, they talked not only about Kotayk region, but also the environmental issues of the whole area of Armenia. There were identified as the causes of nowadays losses, as well the expected future losses.
In the end of the meeting, the young people expressed a willingness to cooperate with the Yeghvard’s Aarhus Center. As a proof, they immediately developed the list of joint future events.

Ruzanna Manyan
Yeghvard’s Aarhus Centre coordinator
E-mail: info_yeghvard@aarhus.am , ruzannamanyan@gmail.com

Translated by Ruzanna Manyan