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Council of experts


Eghvard_nist1On July 30 in Aarhus Centre of Yeghvard the council of experts was held. The primary issue on schedule was the presentation of work pan for 2014, the revision of works done in the first semester ,the presentation and discussion of the works which are going to be done in the second semester. The members of the council asked many questions concerning the work plan and the activities of the Center. They spoke about problems which the center has reflected and reflects in the framework of its activities. The members of the council suggested to carry out scientific seminars, meetings for environmental problems existing in Armenia, which will include research analyses.
On schedule there was also included the issue of making changes in staff, the conforming of it. According to the suggestions of the coordinator of the center and the members of council there were changes in the staff, new staff was assigned.

Ruzanna Manyan
The coordinator of Aarhus Center of Yeghvard
Tel: (+374) 94 331055, 224 22933
e-mail:` info_yeghvard@aarhus.am , ruzannamanyan@gmail.com

Translated by Rusanna Manyan