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Meeting in the community of Nor Yerznka



On June 24, the employees of the Aarhus Center in Yeghvard held a meeting at the village municipality of Nor Yerznka community. The aim of the meeting was the identification and discussion of environmental problems of the community, as well as the cooperation strengthening with the local self-government bodies of Aarhus Center in Yeghvard and the community of Nor Yerznka. Currently the urgent problem of the community in improving the environment is its beautification and landscaping and the absence of Public Park. The village municipality has already initiated the works directed to their solution.

During the meeting the issue related to the HPP construction on the irrigation system in Ohanavan community of Aragatsotn Marz in March was discussed. The residents of Nor Yerznka also joined the activities carried out by the residents of Karbi, Ohanavan and other nearby communities aimed at stopping the construction works of the HPP.
Nor Yerznka had also faced the risk of dehydration of fruit gardens. In March, the employees of the center had held a meeting with the community residents in order to understand the situation and to speak out about it. They had presented their concerns and trouble on the issue. According to the villagers, the HPP construction could cause a great problem for them and for the residents of the nearby communities, risking the main source of their livelihood, by failing to provide the necessary amount of water to fruit gardens. Because of the HPP construction about five hundred acres of the Nor Yerznka community could have faced the danger of desertification.

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