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Discussion under the theme Community Development and Security

On August 14, a discussion was organized in Dilijan Aarhus Center with A. Santrosyan, Dilijan mayor, NGOs and active civil groups of the community. On the agenda of the discussion were set environmental protection, community security and youth concerning issues.
Opening the discussion A. Haroyan, Dilijan Aarhus Center Coordinator thanked the mayor for willingness to participate in the meeting and then presented the items of the agenda.
The participants presented the head of the community’s environment-related problems reflecting sanitation and waste management works.

It was noted that there is a progress compared to previous years: new garbage trucks were purchased, garbage collection is carried out more frequently, but there are still some shortcomings and in many districts of the community there are observed garbage piles emerging little illegal landfills. It was also presented problems concerning youth of the community: refer to creation of employment, available places of entertainment and organization of mass events. During the discussion also were referred to the issues of access to information pointing out that fully implemented, ongoing and planned future activities are often not available to the public. During the discussion also raised many other issues of public concern, pointing out all the problems that exist in the community.

A. Santrosyan, Dilijan mayor in his turn presented the participants all the planned works, which should be implemented in a short time, assured that some of the raised issues will be resolved soon.
The participants offered the head of Dilijan community to administer punishments fixed by the law for the cases of dumping domestic and construction waste in the unexpected places. For making information more available, accessible and operative is necessary to use opportunities of social networks and blogs.

It was suggested to provide funds for youth activities in the next year’s municipal budget.
The participants in their turn expressed willingness to support the community leader, to inform and involve the public in the joint actions towards the solution process of the raised problems of the community.

Albert Haroyan
Coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 268 2-31-38, 94 763594
E-mail: info_dilijan@aarhus.am , albertharoyan@rambler.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan