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Following the traces of alarm: Kaghsi


It has been several years that the residents of Kaghsi community of Kotayk province alert about an environmental disaster. The problem is that the Hrazdan city’s treatment plant has not been operating for many years and the sector of Hrazdan River, which flows through Kaghsi community, according to residents, is not a river, but a sewage pipe.
Every year the residents complain that there have not been water outlets, a result of which unfavorable conditions are being created for farmers.
At the request of residents, the coordinators of Hrazdan Aarhus Center once again visited Kaghsi: to get acquainted with the situation in the place. The situation is more than horrible: it was smelly environment, where people are forced to live and engage in farming and animal husbandry, swampy river, where the village children, adults secretly are going to swim acquiring various skin diseases, where the animals are drinking water and irrigating fruits and vegetables selling in the markets. Hrazdan_30_07_1The residents are complaining, asking at least to carry out water release to clean the river or find another solution.In addition, as we have witnessed ourselves, the water flow in a large extent is directed to the channel through the barrier, which also contributes to the rest of scarce water stagnation and spreading horror odor.

Today, the residents are ready to send a written request to a few agencies for improving their lifestyles and farming.

Anahit Mnatsakanyan
Coordinator of Hrazdan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 91 66 33 16, 93 84-30-08,
E-mail: info_hrazdan@aarhus.am , zhora.arakelyan@mail.ru , manahit84@mail.ru