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Beneficiaries of the “Eco-Mosaic” project in Gavar Center Aarhus


On July 14, an educational workshop was held in Gavar Aarhus Center for 11-16 years old beneficiary children of “Eco-Mosaic” project. The initiative is implemented by members of Gavar youth initiatives center within the “Youth Action for Change” program of Jinishian Memorial Foundation. The aim of the “Eco-Mosaic” project is creation eco-thinking among children.
At the request of A. Vardanyan, coordinator of “Eco-Mosaic” project, at the workshop was also presented the Aarhus Convention, as at the end of the program a contest will be conducted, in the questionnaire of which will be included also Convention related questions. After presenting the pillars of the Convention, its importance and obstacles of implementation, L. Asoyan, Coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center hold a discussion with the workshop participants on environmental issues of the province. The participants in advance have watched “The colors of charm and pain” movie shot in 2010, by “Blejan” NGO within the CASE small grant program, obtaining comprehensive information about Gegharkunik environmental problems.
Gavar_14_07 (2)The children asked if the lake’s fish stocks will be restored, if the fish hunting will be prohibited at all. The answer was that a coordinated approach is needed, such as to ban fish hunting 3-year, as a result of which, the fish would become sexually mature for breeding, the stocks will be restored, and after which fish hunting permission could be given regulating the nets sizes and the quantities of hunting. But the children also raised the other, the social aspect of the question: how the people would live, since their lifestyle is fishing and they have no any other occupation. They also discussed issues related to waste management, rivers contamination and SHPPs.L. Asoyan presented the three-phase system of public hearings, creating public awareness in the early stages of designing, and public participation in the final decision-making.
The children raised the issue of getting the approvals through easily bribing some part of the public, as a result of which the honest citizens’ struggles are becoming ineffective. L. Asoyan highlighted the good knowledge of their rights and willingness to struggle unwaveringly.

Several positive examples were presented, when as a result of organized struggle the civil society made its voice heard and changed the decision already adopted by the competent authorities, registering small victories. The examples encouraged the children. The participants were eager that the cooperation and communication with the Center will be continuous.

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