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Photography Exhibition “Melikgyugh: Seasons of the Year”

On July 1, on the support of Aparan Aarhus Centre photography exhibition of the journalist, photographer G. Nanyan entitled “Melikgyugh: Seasons of the Year” was organized at the hall of Aparan Art School.
The main goal was to introduce the participants through the photos Melikgyugh community’s life: daily routine and lifestyle, everyday life and concerns, employment and moods, and having direct impact on all these Toukhmanuk gold mine’s exploitation negative after-effects: on the atmosphere and water basins, cultivated lands, pastures and of course, on people’s health.

To take part in the exhibition were invited employees of the city’s enterprises, municipality, NGOs representatives, school children, parents, teachers, Melikgyugh residents.

G. Nanyan told that in the course of the year 2013 he had visited Melikgyugh twelve times and as a result made a lot of photos gave an idea through the photo exhibition to tell others the problems and attitudes of the village.

Just last year more than 3300 photos were taken, of which were selected 70 and seven other different: the photographs on the topics of women, children, mining industry, environment, agriculture, workers and Meliqgyugh roads today are presenting not only the village’s life, but also the people’s struggle for the right to live in a clean, favourable for human’s health environment. The guests of the exhibition showed great interest both to photos, and the author’s comments. Many questions were asked about the problems caused by the operation of the mine.

The event offered a chance to get acquainted with Melikgyugh from different perspectives and to draw the public’s attention to the environmental issues once again, take care towards the surrounding environment.

Natalia Manukyan
Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Centre
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan