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Discussion on the issues of public legal development in Dilidjan

On August 26, Dilijan Aarhus Center held a round-table discussion on ” Tools for civil society legal strengthening”. The event was aimed not only to raise awareness, but also…




Importance is attached to the development prospects of eco-tourism in Dilidjan National Park

On June 5 a discussion was held in Dilidjan Aarhus Center on the topic the development prospects of eco-tourism in Dilidjan National Park. The discussion …




Awareness Workshop for representatives of Local Government

On May 26, a seminar on the rights and responsibilities defined by the Aarhus Convention, for employees of local authorities was held in Dilijan Aarhus Center…




Public discussion of the design task on making amendments in Dilijan master plan

On May 11, a public discussion of the design task on making amendments in Dilijan master plan was held in Dilijan Aarhus Centre. The draft is related to…




Eco-educational course in Dilijan

On May 4, Dilijan Aarhus Center has organized an ecoeducational-awareness raising training in Dilijan school No. 4. The goal was to present…




Maintain and make prosperous our surroundings

On April 18, Dilijan Aarhus Centre jointly with the municipality of Dilijan implemented a tree planting.
This action was among the series of events of let’s keep…




Eco training at Dilidjan central school

On April 17 Dilidjan Aarhus Center jointly with Dilidjan national park organized an eco educational seminar for the pupils of Dilidjan central school…




Dilijan Aarhus Center’s Board of Experts estimated the implemented works as well done

On April 8, a session of the board of experts was held in Dilijan Aarhus Centre. On the agenda were the issues of reviewing the Board’s staff and representing…




Public discussion on the application of preliminary environmental impact assessment of afforestation works

On February 18, at 12:00, a public discussion over the application of afforestation works plan-project…


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Public Debate: Dilijan Aarhus Center expects that the number of trees to cut down will be decreased

On January 22, a public hearing was held over the pre-assessment bid on environmental impact of “Sustaining Parz Lake 35/6 kV power station by 35 kV air line and 6 kV cable”…


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Public hearings were held in Dilijan Aarhus Center on the EIA of working project of “Replacement of T -2 transformer by 110/35/6 kV transformer at “Dilijan” 35/6 kV SS”

On October 17, public notice and hearings on the EIA of working project of…



Working Meeting-discussion on the Draft of Dilijan National Park’s Management Plan

On the initiative of the directorate and experts of “Dilijan” National Park, on October 15 a working meeting was held at the Park’s office, in order …




The cooperation of “Dilijan” NP and the Aarhus Center has got a new spirit

Aiming to congratulate S. Muradyan, the newly appointed director of “Dilijan” National Park (NP), as well as to ensure continuity of long-term close…




The visit of the OSCE Secretariat’s Representative to the Aarhus Centers of Armenia

On September 1, Ms. Desiree Schweitzer Deputy-Coordinator of the OCEEA – Office of the Coordinator on Economic and Environmental Affairs paid a working visit to Armenia….




Discussion under the theme Community Development and Security

On August 14, a discussion was organized in Dilijan Aarhus Center with A. Santrosyan, Dilijan mayor, NGOs and active civil groups of the community. On the agenda of the discussion were set…




Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production: Dilijan

On August 12, 2014 a seminar within the frameworks of the demonstration component of the “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production” (RECP) Programme of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)…



Public Hearings over Draft Documents of Recreation Area Designed in the Area of “Dilijan” NP in the Aarhus Center

On July 4, 2014 public hearings over draft documents of recreation area designed in the 41 ² area of Shamakhyan section of “Dilijan” National Park was held in Dilijan Aarhus Center, which was attended…




Public Hearings over Draft of Reconstruction of a Sector of drainage tunnel No. 1of Mets – Tala District of Dilijan in the Aarhus Center

On June 20, public hearings over draft documents of reconstruction of the sector PK+00 PK6-56 of drainage tunnel No. 1 of Mets- Tala district of the city of Dilijan was held in Dilijan Aarhus Center…




World Environment Day in Dilijan

In observance of the World Environment Day, Dilijan Aarhus Center, in cooperation with the Administration of “Dilijan” National Park organized an outdoor awareness raising meeting-discussion in participation of youth and students…




Photography Master Class in Dilijan

Within the frameworks of the “Photography master class” program launched in collaboration with the Armenian Aarhus Centers on May 27, a seminar was organized in Dilijan Aarhus Center. The participants …




The visit of the OSCE Special Representative for the South Caucasus to Dilijan Aarhus Center

From 15 to 17April, Ambassador Angelo Gnaedinger, the Special Representative of the Swiss OSCE Chairmanship for the South Caucasus paid a working visit to Armenia. The three day full agenda ….




Muddy water coming out of taps in Dilijan

During the last ten days very muddy, dirty water sometimes with unpleasant odor is flowing of taps in the city of Dilijan. All this has caused anxiety among the citizens. …




Study Visit to Hrazdan and Dilijan Aarhus Centers

On March 28, Ms. A. Ifkovits Horner, Policy Advisor of the Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations and other international organizations, Mr. T. Dembski, Economic and Environmental Programme Officer at the OSCE Office in Yerevan,…


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Public Hearings on Dilijan Wastewater Treatment Plant

On February 18, Dilijan Aarhus Center held a public hearing regarding Dilijan wastewater treatment plant design documents …