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Goris Aarhus Center expressed readiness to the newly elected head of the community to continue cooperation with the local government


On June 5, a pre-election meeting, debate among candidates for mayor of Goris, V. Adunts and H. Yolyan was held in Goris Press Club with participation of Goris NGOs, media, active groups and associations and young people.
Goris Aarhus Center also was invited to the event. The Center employees actively participated in the discussion.
Highlighting the meeting, all participants expressed their willingness to cooperate for the sake of the community development. Highlighting the region as a tourism center, in particular the town of Goris, the participants raised the necessity of resolving such issues, as cleaning Goris (Vararakn) river, waste management and use of water truck for the need of street dust reduction or elimination.
The candidates emphasized the importance and urgency of the issues, expressed willingness to take actions to resolve the raised issues in the case of being elected.
It is worth mentioning that, on June 8, at the mayoral election held in the town of Goris V. Adunts has been elected mayor.
Goris Aarhus Center expressed its readiness for cooperation with the local government, pursuing to solve the raised issues and to take part in the city’s development activities.
Nver Poghosyan
Coordinator of Goris Aarhus Center
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan