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A youth active group of Kanaker-Zeytun community aims to participate in the process of solving the urgent problems of the community
In accordance with the application of manager of Yerevan development project of the World Vision Armenia within the framework of “Advocacy at the local level, impact on the policy through the communication” program, on May 16, Yerevan Aarhus Center organized a seminar for an active group of 14-18 year young boys and girls of Kanaker-Zeytun community.
The purpose of the meeting was to acquire certain knowledge and information for cooperating with decision-makers at the local level and having impact on decision-making.
The group, under the guidance of A. Alikhanyan,

coordinator of the above mentioned project previously has carried out surveys among 300 residents of the community and revealed the most urgent problems of the community. As the most important problems the respondents noted the environmental protection and garbage disposal.

During the seminar M. Chakryan, PR manager of the Armenian Aarhus Centers, presented the pillars of the Aarhus Convention, in particular detailing the public awareness raising and participation in decision-making issues at the community level.

S. Ayvazyan, coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Centre presented presentation entitled “Solid wastes and their impact on the environment”, mentioned the provisions of the RA laws “On Local Self-Government” and “On Solid Waste Management and Sanitary Cleaning”, which could be necessary to the workshop participants in taking their future steps justified and correct oriented.

As a next step, the group jointly with the representatives of stakeholders and partner organizations will prepare an action plan, after which will be designed a package of proposals involving their views on improving the management of the above mentioned issues addressed to the local authorities in order to resolve the raised issues gradually.

In parallel also will be implemented awareness-raising activities among community residents refer to the mentioned issues. This youth group’s initiative was very encouraging. Their raised issues during the seminar and the depth of the acknowledging the problem surprised even the speakers.

Mary Chakryan
PR manager of the Armenian Aarhus Centers
Tell: 010 551364
E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan