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Stakeholder Regional consultative meetings and capacity building workshops in Aarhus Centers on developing the program strategy for Armenia within the frames of the GEF SGP 6th operational phase

Between the period of September 16 to October 1 of this year…




Presentation and discussion of results on ecology and geochemical surveys carried out in Gyumri by the “Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies of the RA NAS”

On May 22, a public information meeting was held in Gyumri Aarhus Center aiming at presenting…




Public consultation meeting of Akhuryan river basin management plan in Gyumri

This year on March 26, in Gyumri was presented the river basin management plan (RBMP) draft designed for Akhuryan water basin management area, which was developed within the framework of…


05.02.2015_ Antar Seminar (2)


Training in Marmarashen community on the topic “Forest and its significance”

On February 5, 2015 training on the topic “Forest and its significance” was organized for high school students in Marmashen community, which aimed to present…




Public Monitoring of Management Processes of Urban Green Areas of the City of Gyumri

The “Third Nature” NGO with the support of the “European Endowment for Democracy” (EED), in partnership with the Public Environmental Information “Aarhus” Center of Gyumri and “Youth in Action for Change” program…




Gyumri Aarhus Center is participating in formation of an effective system for public monitoring of green areas management processes in the RA

In support of Gyumri Aarhus Center this year on March 24 and June 23 were conducted training courses under the theme “Methods of public monitoring of urban green areas and their management processes”…


Gyumri, Yerevanyan xchughi


There is no clear policy in management of community green spaces of common usage in the RA. Gyumri

Gyumri Aarhus Centre has repeatedly reflected to the issues of illegal logging in Gyumri and improper pruning in the green areas of common usage, informed the public about it and presented the situation….