Youth for Aarhus

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Our future is in our hands. The Youth Civic Initiative for the implementation of the Aarhus Convention

In the course of their ten years activity the Armenian Aarhus Centers are supporting the implementation of the Aarhus Convention, in particular highlighting the work with young people and consistently forming legally responsible, at the same time demanding citizens, giving young people a powerful tool- the knowledge, both in the capital Yerevan and in the regions of the RA.

Within the frameworks of the “Eco lens” initiative carrying out in partnership with the Aarhus Centres, the narrow specialists in various fields of the environment are transferring truthful information and knowledge about environmental issues to young people.

Aiming to use those for the benefit of the surrounding environment and their community, as well as in order to capture the others attention on concerning them issues, Galust Nanyan, agro-ecologist and journalist, photographer-expert, is conducting master classes in photography for the interested young people, transferring skills of applying new technologies in photography, multimedia, ability to work with the Internet, contributing to the development of civil liability and legal awareness.
Galust Nanyan also will conduct online courses for the Face book group:

The overall objective of all these is to engage young people in the solution of environmental issues, in environmental law enforcement activities, to find co-thinkers through various social networks in different countries, thereby making joint the efforts of young people, targeting at the environmental security and development.