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The Aarhus Centers Participation in the Process of Making Communities Resilient to Disasters

From February 2, 2016, financing by the OSCE Office in Yerevan, on the efforts of ARNAP Foundation and in cooperation with the Armenian Environmental Information…




The information on the net and cage fish farm impact on the lake built by the pilot program by “Emifruit” LLC near Shorzha is not yet available to the public

In 2013 “Emifrut” LLC built a net and cage fish farm by the pilot program in Lake Sevan near Shorzha. It is the first pilot program, the business plan…




Access to Available Information is the Basis of Transparent Management

Available information relating to the environment allows employees, entrepreneurs, consumers, civil society representatives, each of us to impact on decision-making…




Dialogue on environmental issues. Gavar

On November 19 the regular meeting of a dialogue group on the ”Environmental issues” was held in Gavar State University within the frames of the program “…




The lack of reliable information on the environment leads to unexpected consequences. Gavar

Gavar Aarhus Center initiated a training Gavar State University students, NGO representatives and journalist highlighting the raising…




The installation of cage nets in Lake Sevan depends on the decision of the Monitoring Committee

Until end of this year will be launched the construction of Kartchaghpyur trout fish processing plant: it became clear after the public hearings on the EIA …




Presentation of “Global Environment Fund – 6″ grant program’s strategy at Gavar

The process of the ongoing environmental programs and”GEF-6″ grant program’s strategy implemented by the “Global Environment Facility” (GEF) was presented…




Board of Experts Session in Gavar Aarhus Center

On June 19, Gavar Aarhus Center held a board of experts meeting, which was attended by 5 members of the board, coordinators of Gavar Aarhus Centers, “Geghama Ashkharh”…




How to become the volunteer of being informed and participatory rights protection

On June 17, trainings on the themes “Volunteering and non-formal education, civil activity as a warranty for competitiveness in the labor market” and the Aarhus Convention…




Volunteering and non-formal education, civil activity as a warranty for competitiveness in the labor market

On June 9, in Gavar Aarhus Center a seminar was held for the young people of Gavar city area with the support of Gavar Aarhus Center. The training was initiated…




Study of the cleaning works in Lake Sevan water-covered coastal areas

On 15.05.2015 Gavar Aarhus Center applied with N AA-006 request to the RA Ministry of Nature Protection to get information on the existence of “Water master classic 3” device, and…




Awareness event in Berdkunq and Tsovazard communities

On May 19 and May 25 Gavar Aarhus Center initiated discussions about the obligations constituted by the Aarhus Convention and the national legislation for the local…




Public hearings on the initial evaluation application of a pilot modeling project of net and cage economy in Sevan

On May 12 public hearings were held in Krchaghbyur community of Gegharkunik region on the initial evaluation application of a pilot modeling project of net and cage economy…




Gavar young people create “Eco conditions” in their city

Gavar Aarhus Center in collaboration with Jinishyan Memorial Foundation implements the project “Eco-actions”, which aims to promote participatory attitude towards…




The NGOs conduct a coordinated activity in Gegharkunik marz

It has already been a tradition for a few yeras for the NGOs of Gegharkunik marz to gather once a year in Gavbar Aarhus center to submit an anual report carried out…




33 hectares of forest will be created in Tsovak

In recent decades, climate changes, anthropogenic and other technological factors have had a negative impact on the environment, causing the degradation of vast territories of pasture and forest and land erosion…




Proactive meeting in Gavar Aarhus Center for the environmental project

On January 22 a meeting-discussion was held in Gavar Aarhus Center with the cooperation of “Jinishyan memorial foundation”, Gegharkunik regional youth…


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There is an increase in the number of waterfowl on the shore of Lake Sevan

Vast flocks of waterfowl birds can be seen with the naked eye near the swampy areas of Lake Sevan or on the shores of the lake at different hours of the day, of which the main part…




Debate on the serious consequences of water outlets from Lake Sevan on the Ecosystem

On the initiative of “Martuni Women’s Community Council” NGO, NGOs of Gegharkunik province, activists, representatives of Gavar Aarhus Center and other organizations…




Representatives of ‘’Little Prince’’ enriched their information base in Gavar Aarhus Center

On October 14 within the frames of cooperation between Gavar Aarhus Center and GAVAR “Little prince’’ social center, the beneficiary children, young …




‘’Eco-lens’’ in Gavar

On September 20, ‘’Photography master class’’ was held in Gavar Aarhus center for young people aimed to transmit them skills for using new technologies, …




The visit of the OSCE Secretariat’s Representative to the Aarhus Centers of Armenia

On September 1, Ms. Desiree Schweitzer Deputy-Coordinator of the OCEEA – Office of the Coordinator on Economic and Environmental Affairs paid a working visit to Armenia….


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Beneficiaries of the “Eco-Mosaic” project in Gavar Center Aarhus

On July 14, an educational workshop was held in Gavar Aarhus Center for 11-16 years old beneficiary children of “Eco-Mosaic” project. The initiative is implemented by members…


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Presentation of the Film about Disaster in Ararat Valley and Lake Sevan in Gavar

On July 9, the presentation of the film made by “EcoLur” NGO in which are reflected the shortcomings of management that led to the disaster the in Ararat Valley and threatened …




Argichi river bed has created the nature, no one will change it: Gavar Aarhus Center is warning

On May 13, the pipes of the SHPP fed by Argichi River has burst again and flooded all around. Due to the burst pipes chaotic situation was occurred in the area. The water is not only flooded the villagers…




The child, who will be born in this region after 500 years is also entitled to the Lake Sevan

Making amendments to the draft of the RA law on the additional water outlet from Sevan and the draft of the fishery project through network economy under the name of recovery of endemic species of Sevan had outraged environmentalists, professionals …




About the Armenian Aarhus Centers Successful Participation in the 22nd Economic and Environmental Forum

The First Preparatory Meeting of the 22nd OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum (EEF) on “Responding to environmental challenges with a view to promoting…




The open letter of the NGOs gathered in Gavar Aarhus Center addressed to the RA President S. Sargsyan

Aiming to evaluate the activities implemented in 2013 and to discuss the plans for 2014 on February 14, the accounting meeting of NGO leaders of Gegharkunik province was held in Gavar Aarhus Center. In addition…



Perspectives of Sustainable Development of Hydropower Industry in Armenia: Discussion

Economic and environmental programs department of the OSCE Office in Yerevan initiated an event entitled prospects of sustainable development of hydropower sector …




Inter-regional consultation meeting in Gavar on the theme ‘’Water and health’’

On the initiative of the ‘’Armenian women for health and healthy environment’’ NGO and by the financing of the ministry for foreign affairs of Finland consultation meeting on the theme ‘’Water and Health”…