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Innovative approaches in the field of environment: Alaverdi
The aim of the discussion under the theme “The environmental issues of the community and region, environmental subventions allocated to the communities” held on May 21, 2014 in Alaverdi Aarhus Center was to identify and realize the causes of reduction from year to year of environmental subventions allocated by the RA state budget to the communities, the assessment and distribution of the annual amounts paid by the copper smelting plant to the state budget as well as calculation mechanisms and programs of subventions providing to communities. The discussion was held in a heated atmosphere.

The discussion was attended by the deputy governor of Lori, head of the Environmental Protection Department of Lori Regional Administration, G. Arzumanyan, executive director of “Vallex group companies” and other responsible representatives, N. Feofanov, production director of the ACP company, community leaders of Alaverdi, Akori, Odzun, Hagvi, members of community council, NGO representatives, correspondents of local “Ankyun + 3″ TV and “Hetq”. As an expert, in the meeting was invited A. Gabriyelyan, the National Focal Point of the Framework Convention on Climate Change in Armenia. The Aarhus Centre Coordinator informed those present about previously held discussions and results.

Then G. Arzumanyan spoke about the emissions of copper smelter, transportation of the smoke pipe to Koshaberd mountain peak and the environmental amounts paid by them.

The attendees asked the expert to interpret and explain the raised issues, give clarifications, to which the participants engaged in production of copper responded painfully. The questions, answers and explanations were continued in the atmosphere of inflamed passions and disturbances. However, after presenting the issue detailed and accessible, from the scientific and legal standpoint by the expert A. Gabriyelyan, the riots were calmed somewhat.

The speaker also informed about the new approaches of obtaining and using the environmental subventions, about the perspectives, which was highlighted and welcomed by the attendees. Despite of the all voiced opinions, objections, recommendations and comments, many questions were still remained unclear. According to the participants, there is a need of additional discussions and researches, because the process is continuous.

During the discussion were made recommendations regarding the development of calculation methodology of the allocated subventions to the communities and specification of mechanisms (in which will taken into account the population number of the community), the creation of innovative financial mechanisms for the funds distribution, in the form of revolving funds of civil society.

On the basis of the above mentioned will be prepared a letter addressed to the RA Government, signed by the community leaders.

Anush Evoyan
Coordinator of Alaverdi Aarhus Center
E-mail: info_alaverdi@aarhus.am
Translated by Anush Beybutyan