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The open letter of the NGOs gathered in Gavar Aarhus Center addressed to the RA President S. Sargsyan


Aiming to evaluate the activities implemented in 2013 and to discuss the plans for 2014 on February 14, the accounting meeting of NGO leaders of Gegharkunik province was held in Gavar Aarhus Center. In addition to presenting reports on their activities to each other, representatives of civil society discussed many issues, some of which were highlighted in particular.
Specifically was raised the issue of ensuring proper traffic flow for province residents in the nearby area of the Northern bus station in the capital, which is directly related to human rights. On the issue was drawn up a letter addressed to the Mayor of Yerevan. The other discussed important topics were related to the burning of meadows and mandatory funded pension system.

 But the most important and urgent issue was related to the two legislative projects regarding Lake Sevan that have already been passed to the National Assembly for consideration and in civil society’s opinion it can be crucial not only in preserving the lake’s ecosystem, but also in terms of ensuring the coastal communities security. gavar_14_02_14_04Gathering their concerns and ideas right at the meeting the representatives of the participating NGOs prepared an open letter addressed to the President of the RA S. Sargsyan, which has been spread a few days later through all possible ways.In the letter particularly was mentioned that the implementation of the project on the legislative amendments defining that within the coming 5 years, 240 million cubic meters of water will be discharged from Lake Sevan instead of the previous 170 million cubic meters as well as promoting fish breeding will completely paralyze Sevan having strategic significance for our country and considering the country’s greatest natural drinking water reservoir.
gavar_14_02_14_01Identifying the items of the relevant laws, which contradict to drafting these projects in general, especially their possible implementation, the residents of region are demanding: “… abandon these initiatives and instead proceed the proposal of the “Живая планета” International Environmental movement to include Lake Sevan in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list.
Let us mention that to this proposal has positively responded R. Martirosyan, President of the National Academy of Sciences, whereas about this process, for some reason, is not aware wide range of society. The letter stated that Lake Sevan issue first of all is a national security issue.
Therefore, the authors of the letter require: “Take care about our only wealth, use it in good faith, to be guided by not short-term economic interests, but to be prudent in preserving the Lake Sevan- our single fresh water reserve having national and state strategic importance”.

Mary Chakryan
PR manager of tha Armenian Aarhus Centers
Tell: 010 551364
E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan