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The experts of Aparan Aarhus Centre got acquainted with the Austrian experience in investment green economy

On November 28, a session of the Board of Experts was held in Aparan Aarhus Centre. The center’s coordinator made a report on the first item of the agenda: the center’s activity carried…




The new tailings dam will be built. “Mego Gold” offers a new solution, which is not favored by the residents

On September 9, during the public discussion held at Melikgyugh community administration, the residents were informed that the company would not build a new…




Cooperation between the nօn-governmental organizations and the Aarhus Centers in the promotion of public participation processes

In the last years a close cooperation between Aparan Aarhus Centre and a number of environmental NGOs, experts, representatives of scientific field…




Eco education has always been under the focus of Aparan Aarhus Centre

Stressing the importance of involving the population in all age groups and social classes in ecological education, on September 16, on the initiative of Aparan Aarhus Center a training…




Tense atmosphere in the municipality of Melikgyugh

On September 9, public debates were held on preliminary environmental impact assessment of the application on upgrading of Tukhmanuk gold mining complex, tailings dump’s protective fence…




Environmental Law training course in Aparan Aarhus Centre

The OSCE Office in Yerevan and Economic and Legal Analysis Center NGO have conducted several courses in the Aarhus Centers aimed at assisting civil …




Board of Experts Session in Aparan Aarhus Centre

On June 25, Board of Experts session was held in Aparan Aarhus Center. The first agenda item was related to the reviewing and approving the new staff of Center’s board of experts….




Heated public discussion in Meliqgyugh

On June 16, 2015 the session hall of the Meliqgyugh municipality in Aragatsotn region was crowded. Here was the village administration’s entire staff, one member of the village… ThixmanuMeliq -Texnika


An alert from Melikgyugh

Recently, a group of residents of Melikgyugh community applied to Aparan Aarhus Center, a number of environmental NGOs and independent experts about the fact of carrying…




Awareness event on the provisions of the Aarhus Convention in Kayq (Mulqi) community

Kayq village near Aparan, situated on the right bank of the river Qasagh, is one of the small communities in Aragatsotn region. Here, On June 5 on the initiative…




Fish declining case in Aparan reservoir: What is the reason?

Recently, Aparan Aarhus Centre received a call about the fact that a large number of dead fish was observed at the coastal parts of Aparan reservoir in Aragatsotn region….




Awareness visit to Aragatz community

On May 15, Aarhus Centre and Aparan ASC (Agricultural Support Regional Centre) organized an awareness and counselling visit for local residents of Aragats community…




Why was the colour of Gegharot river water changed?

One of the main right side tributaries of Aragatsotn marz Qasagh River is Gegharot, which flows through the Aragats community. In recent years the colour of Gegharot river water…




Joint actions to prevent the potato disease

Upon the launch of intensive agricultural labor period a group of people engaged in potato cultivation applied to Aparan Aarhus Center to get information about the disease…




Training course in Aparan dedicated to the feathered representatives of the wildlife

It’s already five years that Aparan Aarhus Center is in collaboration with the “Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds” NGO…




Informed young people: fully involvement in the communities: Aparan

Aiming at increasing youth civic activity, involving and consolidating them in consideration and resolution of community environmental issues, on the initiative of Aparan Aarhus Center…




The Aarhus Convention for all members of society

Highlighting the issues of integration of people with disabilities into society and activating their involvement in the social and political life of their countries, raising…




Residents of Melikgyugh are outraged, they do not tolerate the lie:Open letter addressed to the Minister of Nature Protection

To: A.Grigoryan, minister of Nature Protection of the RA
Suddenly being informed of the internet websites that on 30 June the Ministry Nature…




Photography Exhibition “Melikgyugh: Seasons of the Year”

On July 1, on the support of Aparan Aarhus Centre photography exhibition of the journalist, photographer G. Nanyan entitled “Melikgyugh: Seasons of the Year” …




Towards the Children’s Day- gifts for children of Meliq village

Towards the Children’s Day the “Photography Master Class” program launched in collaboration with the Armenian Aarhus Centers, “For Armenia” NGO jointly with the “Step” Community Development Support Organization, presented…




“Photography Master Class” program in Aparan Aarhus Centre

The aim of the regular course held within the frameworks of the “Photography master class” program conducted on May 17, for schoolchildren and teachers of Aparan by G. Nanyan, eco-analyst, eco-journalist …




What is the real cause of change of the colour of Gegharot River’s water? Visit to Aragatz

Gegharot River’s water feeding cultivated lands of six communities of Aparan region: Ara, Vardenut, Aragats, Apna, Hartavan and Shenavan has been changed, as the residents assured has also been changed…


Iphra HEK Gexaroti vra


Why has been changed the colour of water of Gegharot River?

Within the frameworks of the “Clean Development Mechanism” (CDM) project, since 2008 is implemented construction of the SHPP cascades on the river Gegharot feeding cultivated lands of six communities of Aparan region: Ara, Vardenut,…


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Melikgyugh issues in the focus of attention of journalists and environmentalists

This year on March 28, public hearings of professional conclusion, public opinion, state agencies and affected community heads’ opinion over amended environmental part of the new ….




Public hearing in Melikgyugh

In accordance with the Article 10 of the law of Republic of Armenia “On Environmental Impact Expertise” this year on March 28, public hearings of professional conclusion, public opinion, state …




Qualified fast flowing irrigation water to HPP owners, poor network to gardeners

The news about the construction of the HPP on the fast flowing irrigation system nearby Ohanavan and Karbi villages of Aragatsotn province fed by Aparan reservoir had raised a storm of protest among local villagers. They were afraid that after the HPP …




The Heated Situation is continuing in Karbi and Ohanavan

On March 14, a group of residents of Karbi, Ohanavan of Aragatsotn Province and several other nearby villages, were gathered again to voice their concerns and anxieties in connection with the construction …




Repair of Fast Flowing Irrigation System, or Construction of a New HPP in Karbi and Ohanavan

It’s already ten days that a great wave of discontent has been raised among the residents of Karbi, Ohanavan and the surrounding villages of Aragatsotn province, the cause of which is the implementation…




On the traces of Alarm: Meeting with Meliq village residents

On February 15, an unprecedented extensive discussion took place in Melikgyugh community of Aragatsotn province with the …




Alarm from Melikgyugh

On February 11, Aparan Aarhus Center received an alarm from a group of residents of Melikgyugh community of Aragatsotn province on a case of environmental right violation…


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Working visit to Aparan Aarhus Center

On January 24, delegation headed by T. Dembski, Economic and Environmental Officer at the OSCE Office in Yerevan visited Aparan Aarhus Centre….