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On May 19, 2014 by Decree N 511 – A the Government of the RA approved the Program of the Government of the RA


Below is presented the environment related section:
Ensuring balanced natural environment through assessment of environmental and economic benefits and damages, maintenance of human health and improving quality of life in the field of environment are the focus of the policy of the government of the Republic of Armenia.
For this purpose, is planned to:
• Ensure the protection of the environment and reasonable use of the natural resources (including mineral resources).
• Invest a waste registration system.
• Renovate wastewater treatment plants and build new ones.
• Ensure development of Ararat plain’s water basin management plan and creation of automatic management system for the water use calculation and investment: for recovery of balance of groundwater and more efficient use of renewable resources.
• Continue the implementation of measures on restoration of Lake Sevan ecological balance and protection.
• Ensure further growth of volumes of afforestation and forest rehabilitation, prevention of forests illegal logging, combating desertification, maintenance of biological and landscape diversity, prevention of excessive air pollution, climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as the steps taken to protect the ozone layer, the full implementation of the water and forest national programs.
• Expand the system of special protected areas and improve their management mechanisms, ensure the full exercise of the national program on development of special protected areas.
• Develop and apply new approaches to increase public awareness on environmental issues and environmental education and upbringing.
• Ensure prevention of natural environment pollution including radioactive pollution, management of hazardous chemical and radioactive substances and wastes management, including waste removal, development of natural and anthropogenic influences prediction or prevention system, including the expansion and improvement of existing monitoring network.
• Modernize basic principles of carrying out environmental policy purposing to improve management in the field of environment, environmentally preferable technologies and project financing, develop green economy investment approaches, encourage mechanisms for cooperation between the private and public sectors and continuous development of new investments
• Conduct environmental radiation monitoring and control aiming to protect the population of radiation of radioactive gas radon. 

The Program of the Government completely