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The meeting with the Minister of Nature Protection of the RA is encouraging
On May 13, Mr. A. Grigoryan, the Minister of Nature Protection of the RA met with the representatives of NGOs operating in the field of environment.
Note that on May 5, the environmental civil organizations responding to the call of the newly appointed minister, had sent him a thank-you letter, which stated that they were willing to meet and present concerning them environmental issues in the expectation of laying foundations of future joint work aimed at prosperity of our country. In the letter representatives of civil society concerned with the nature protection had put forward a number of pressing issues, which were discussed in more detail
during the meeting with the Minister.
In particular to the Minister were presented the threats posed by the water outlets from Lake Sevan and the creation of artificial net-cage fish farms in the lake.E. Ghukasyan noted that thought the results of the monitoring of net fisheries pilot program are not so bad, but there are already noticeable accumulations of organic substances and in the case of economic expansion it will not be possible directly to prevent the stagnation process.

The participants of the meeting also touched upon the water management, waste management, mining industry, creation of Zangezour biosphere reserve and the issues raised in terms of targeted use of community lands, the legislative changes and other related questions.

The Minister listened to all the concerns, highlighted the support of the environmental public sector and expressed willingness to work with professionals. According to the representatives of the environmental civil society the first meeting with the newly appointed minister was encouraging.

G. Gabrielyan, member of the Environmental Public Alliance said. “I returned from the meeting relieved to some extent, I’m sure that positive changes will be, the first time I had the feeling that we will work together and not facing one another.”

Mary Chakryan
PR manager of the Armenian Aarhus Centers
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan