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Goris (Vararakn) River situation is “sad”, to put it mildly

The environmental problem, which is existing in Goris gives rise to serious thoughts. We have heard a lot of from adults that once children were swimming in the Goris (Vararakn) River, there was a fish, they were catching fish with fishing rods and the river was considered one of the most clean in the region.
Unfortunately today the picture is quite different, over the years the fish species and the children in the river are substituted with plastic bottles, useless tires of vehicles, “rich” variety of household garbage and sewage flowing into the river from different places.
On April 22, Goris Aarhus Center conducted the regular monitoring starting from the upper parts
of the river reaching to the middle and lower sections of the town. If the condition is more or less tolerable at the upper parts than at the lower or running through the city sections are much worse.

I should mention that the river water is used by residents for watering gardens. This situation is definitely not conducive to the development of tourism in the region, while Goris region is declared as a tourism development zone. In these circumstances, I think it is pointless to speak about ecotourism.
Our next visit will be to the central landfill of Goris (Sakalo).

Nver Poghosyan
Coordinator of Goris Aarhus Center
Melada Harutyunyan
Expert at Goris Aarhus Center
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E-mail: info_goris@aarhus.am, nver.goris@gmail.com, mharoutunyan@mail.ru

Translated by Anush Beybutyan